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A m a z i n g   g a t h e r i n g   f o r   a   b e t t e r   f u t u r e   o f   h e a l t h c a r e
Yogyakarta Indonesia Nov. 22-23, 2019

About Asia Medical Week Indonesia Outreach

In order to take the initiative in promoting the construction and development of hospital management, and building a platform for international exchanges and cooperation, the Asia Medical Week Indonesian Outreach 1st International Hospital Capacity Building Forum for Innovation, Cooperation and Development will be held in Yogyakarta during November 22-23, 2019 .  

The forum welcomes managers from world-renowned hospitals to have in-depth discussions on “Conceptual Framework for Creating Future from the Future” , which contains deep conversation topics such as Integrating Clinical Research into Hospital Clinical Care, Hospital Readiness for Producing Innovation, etc. Other much-talked-about topics, primarily around Collaborate for Action- Asian Leadership, will also be discussed and offers the opportunity for participants to share their practice experience.

The forum also serves as an important platform upon which a long-term cooperative relationship will be built among hospitals in different countries.


The Asia Medical Week, as a prominent academic event for promoting medical communication and  cooperation in Asia-Pacific region, successfully held the 1st Asian Hospital Innovation and Development Forum in Shanghai on November, 2018, during which the very latest medical managerial and  academic knowledge were showcased to professionals from various countries.

In order to take advantage of such an innovative platform to strengthen the friendship and further  exchange and cooperation between professionals from Indonesia and other countries, the Asia  Medical Week Indonesian Outreach is jointly held by Dr. Sardjito Hospital and Faculty of Medicine,  Public Health, and Nursing, Gadjah Mada University, together with Zhongshan Hospital, the initiator  of Asia Medical Week from of Shanghai,

On behalf of the local committee, we are glad to invite you to join the 1st International Hospital Capacity Building Forum for Innovation, Cooperation and Development.

Aiming to promote medical communication and collaboration, heads and important people in  hospital management from different countries will be cordially welcomed to this event, which provides an excellent opportunity for networking and relationship building with other university  hospital universities hospitals and medical institutions.

We can expect to enjoy the miraculous scenery and exotic performances of Indonesia and we  sincerely look forward to your participation in this grand event.

Rukmono Siswishanto
Asia Medical Week-Indonesian Outreach
Medical Director of Dr. Sardjito Hospital



2019/11/22 - Yogyakarta Indonesia


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